Lake Tawakoni Sand Bass Tournament


Lake Tawakoni

Well another LTSA Tournament has come and gone, summer is here in North Texas and we would like to say THANKS for another Great Event! We would like to remember a great man that gave LTSA 110%! Thanks Dennis States you will not be forgotten!
The Sand Bass catch’N was a bit tuff this year, but we had a Team Boat Victory! The Williams Boat had a clean sweep this year….Congratulations!
1st Place Jay Hoopman 7.57lbs
*Big Fish Jay Hoopman 1.68lbs
2nd Place Whitney Williams 7.07lbs
3rd Place Mix Williams 6.99lbs

We would also like to thank the TEAM that makes our great Lunch every year! Nice work again Sid and Crew!
We sure do love to see the kids at the Tournament and try to make them all WINNERS! Take a kid fishing, they will not forget it!
Thanks to all the people that make this event ROLL! Thanks to our sponsors, and thanks to all the people that come out and support LTSA and help make Lake Tawakoni a Premier Hybrid Striper Destination in the Southwest! Your donations help LTSA re-stock Lake Tawakoni with Hybrid Striper. You don’t have to wait until the Tournament to help. Here is a short video, enjoy!